Historical Walking Tour of Barrydale

Host Institution: Karoo Art Hotel

Tour Guide: Leslie Howard, local resident and author of “Overberg Tapestry”, “Country Roads and Quirky People”, “Barrydale Unplugged” – all books on sale after walk.

Cost: R100 per adult, R50 per child over 10 years of age. (No children under 10): Minimum charge R400 per group.

Bookings and marketing: All reservations to be made at Karoo Art Hotel front office. Tour to be open to visitors to the hotel, local Barrydalers and other guests to the village. Participants are advised to wear comfortable walking shoes and a hat!

Duration of tour: 1 hour – 1:15 hours.

  • Option between guided walking tour or Vito Crewbus

Starting point: The Karoo Art Hotel front office.

Finishing point: Sprigg Street, outside Môreson.

Route to be covered: Eastwards along Van Riebeeck Street to the corner with Van Coller Street, northwards up Van Coller, turning left into Tennant Street. All along Tennant westwards as far as Laing Street. Down Laing Street, then right into Van Riebeeck Street, up to the corner with Sprigg Street. Dispersal of the group after a discussion of the history of Môreson and the old church.

This plan is © to Leslie Howard.

History/places of interest to be covered:

  1. The hotel, which was built soon after the founding of Barrydale. Some amusing tales to be told!
  2. The Victorian architecture of some of the houses on Van Riebeeck Street and the old telephone exchange.
  3. Jacaranda Lodge and its interesting history.
  4. The Dutch Reformed Church – history and architecture.
  5. The Pastorie and Tradouw Guest House.
  6. Some of the cottages on Van Riebeeck Street in passing.
  7. The famous cottage of the Van Collers: its history, the history of the family as founders of Barrydale.
  8. The famous stone and mud wall and quince hedge, which featured in the Boer War in the Gideon Scheepers raid on Barrydale.
  9. The school and Cooke farm.
  10. The old cottages, some with original outside staircases on Tennant Street.
  11. The site of the old mission church and school.
  12. The first school, then library and municipal offices.
  13. Tennant Street as the first main road to Ladismith.
  14. The Jordaan family’s old trading stores on Laing Street.
  15. Corner of Van Riebeeck and Laing – Sterner’s old stores and Scheepers history (Boer war).
  16. The Magpie Gallery.
  17. On Van Riebeeck westward – the Galleons, the Long House.
  18. Sprigg Street – the first church at Môreson, the pastorie and coach house. The Scheepers skirmish at the top of the Tradouw Pass and the discovery of the cannon ball in an oak tree at Môreson.

Time for questions and then the group disperses.

Download Historical Walking Tour of Barrydale pamphlet