Riel Dance Performance

riel dance performance

Riel Dance Performance

The Riel Dance is a dance of love: it is a dance-descendant of the old Khoi and San fireside rituals and became the “Saturday Night Fever” of sheep shearers and farmworkers across the Kalahari and the Karoo over many generations.

A line of women, of all ages, wearing old frontier bonnets, comes snaking out onto the soft-sand dance arena. The men follow, dressed in waistcoats and wearing cowboy hats adorned with feathers. They all dance in a compelling, energetic way and soon the air is thick with dust. The spell-binding movements of the dancers are almost impossible to resist, so the crowd begins to join in.
The women dance with each other, twirling around joyously and flipping their skirts in a mock-flirty fashion. The men take turns in flinging their hats onto the ground and dancing around them, then holding little “dance-offs” amongst themselves in an effort to impress the ladies.

Welcome to the Riel Dance, which is undergoing a massive revival in the Western and Northern Cape Provinces.

Our local Net-vir-Pret school group are expert Real Dancers. Come and join us for a unique authentic Klein Karoo experience.

All donations received afterwards goes fully to the Net-vir-Pret NGO.