Barrydale’s Walking Trails

The Bertus Cooke Trail

This trail has three parts (see map) (SP. = starting point).

1. “The “old trail” starts at the town cemetery on the R62 Montagu/Ladismith road, crosses a water furrow, continues up the mountain and turns west at the top. From this ridge a beautiful view of the Klein Karoo landscape can be seen. This hike takes about 2 1/2 hours, making it ideal for a family outing. (From S.P. to S.P. = 4.5km)

2. Extension A starts before the top of the ridge where the trail splits to the east. On the apex of the last mountain, and before the descent, there are remnants of an old fort. From here, one has views in all directions. Hikers can either continue onto Extension B or return via the tar road to Barrydale. This trail takes about 2 1/2 hours to walk. (From S.P. back along the Ladismith road = 4.3km)

3. Extension B can alternatively be reached by driving on the R62 road towards Ladismith until the first farm gate on the left (at the top of the hill). Park here. A section of this trail goes through a “canyon” where, after rain, the rock pools fill up and spoor of buck and baboons can be seen around the sandy edges. This trail is ideal for bird lovers and those who really went to get into the Klein Karoo landscape. There is a braai area/picnic spot where you can rest and then carry on walking. However no fires / braai’s are allowed any more. This trail takes about 3 1/2 hours to walk. (From the start of B via canyon back to S.P. = 6.4km)

The Moerasrivier Trail

(Walking time: approximately 4 hours)

The starting point of this trail can be reached by car, using one of the following 2 routes from the village:

1. Down Van Riebeeck Street to the T-junction, left into Van Coller, then right past the school on a dirt road. The starting point is just before the road turns right past a labourer’s cottage adjacent to the Municipal Farm.

2. Up Tinley Street towards Smitsville, where the road turns sharply to the right, then take the first left and first left again. A short way along, you will see the beginning of a dirt road which runs directly to the Municipal Farm.